Legal Online Poker For Louisiana Residents

Louisiana is still in many ways a part of the Deep South. When it comes to morality, the state of Louisiana has no problem attempting to pass legislation to enforce a certain moral code. This is bad news for fans of online poker or online gaming of any sort. While Louisiana has no moral issue with casino gaming (just ask anyone from East Texas where they do their casino gambling), the state government has taken a very strict stand against gambling of all kinds, including "gambling by computer" as the state law calls online casino play.


Because of Louisiana's extensive anti-gambling laws, it is one of a handful of states where online poker is expressly illegal. Where other less conservative state bodies have tried to distinguish between games of chance and games of skill, the state of Louisiana explicitly declares any non-authorized gambling activity illegal.


Legal Online Poker Sites For Louisiana Residents

Unfortunately, due to the strict laws on the books in Louisiana, there are technically no legal online poker sites where citizens of Louisiana can play. Even though a recent legal opinion by the Department of Justice paved the way for regulated online poker all over the country, Louisiana citizens who play online poker would be breaking state law. However, the poker sites seen above do accept all players from Louisiana and there has never been arrested for playing online poker in the state.

Some good news may be on the horizon for Louisiana online poker fans. Since the Federal Wire Act was recently declared to only focus on wagers placed on sporting events, many states are looking to open their own online poker sites, taxes and regulated. Louisiana's state budget is as crippled as every other state, and the increased revenue from state-regulated online poker would do much to fill up the shrinking state coffers. Maybe Louisianans will one day be able to play online poker at state-controlled sites.


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Louisiana Online Poker Laws

Punishment for breaking state gambling law is harsh: "Whoever conducts, finances, manages, supervises, directs, or owns all or part of an illegal gambling business shall be fined not more than twenty thousand dollars, or imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than five years." Louisiana considers illegal gambling a fairly serious crime, judging by the penalties.

The state laws of Louisiana related to gambling go out of their way to stomp on civil rights. How does Louisiana write off an individual's right to play whatever game they want in the privacy of their own home? The state law against "gambling by computer" says that the state wrote this law " . . . desiring to protect individual rights, while at the same time affording opportunity for the fullest development of the individual." The hypocrisy of a state that licenses casinos right and left but prohibits citizens from gambling at the website of their choice is difficult to swallow, but saying you're doing it to improve people's lives borders on the Orwellian.


Is Land Based Poker Legal in Louisiana?

There is a famous song that residents of Louisiana who happen to be fans of the game of poker can sing when it comes to the legal status of playing poker for profit in their home state: “The Times They Are A-Changing.”

Formerly one of the strictest states regarding gambling policy, Louisiana has let up on their gambling laws considerably over the past several years in order to boost their own local economy and to further aid tourism to a city that routinely hosts one of the biggest parties of the year.

While poker in Louisiana was, at one point, clearly outlawed no matter the circumstance, recent legislation has passed that has allowed poker to be played in legally-sanctioned facilities, businesses and casinos throughout the state.  As well as these various land based buildings, the ever popular “gaming boat” industry is as booming as ever, allowing residents to take afternoon trips out on the river with certain cruise lines where they may wager on poker to their heart’s content.

Considering the progress Louisiana has made concerning poker in casinos, they are still strangely averse to the idea of private poker games.  Although the law has not specifically exempt games that are not played with the intent of a host collecting profit, they are not addressed either.  This leaves social poker games in a fuzzy state that although does not strictly legalize them, makes it hard to prosecute them.  In fact, there are no recorded incidents of Louisiana shutting down any private poker games, meaning they are usually a safe venture.

Where to Play Poker in Louisiana

Many casinos in New Orleans possess poker rooms where residents may legally play, as well the many poker rooms on the rambling riverboats.

Even though these legal poker rooms only offer up no limit hold ‘em as a game option, there are many options as to how much a player may wager or win.  Recreational players can enter tournaments in Louisiana for as little as $10, but this does not mean that legal poker rooms in Louisiana are afraid to cater to more serious players.  In Louisiana, one may also sit in a tournament for as much as $220, leading to much larger payout.

Even though they are not clearly exempt from persecution, social games amongst friends are also an option.  These sorts of games can be great fun, but may not be as profitable.  Many a poker player in Louisiana has lost a good friend upon relieving them of hundreds of dollars on the poker table, and this should most probably be avoided.

For avid poker players, there are worse places to end up than Louisiana.  The city of New Orleans offers many wonderful casino options, just so long as a player is satisfied sticking only to hold ‘em, and can make the specific tournament times and days.  Still, despite all the hoops, playing poker in person can provide a very specific thrill.

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